Moleac Team

We create an inspiring and challenging environment for our employees to grow professionally.  As such, we are able to attract and retain the talents to drive Moleac’s development.

Moleac gathers 38 people, representing 11 nationalities not only in our headquarters of Singapore, but also in our subsidiaries in France and Poland. As a multicultural company, we approach projects from a variety of angles to find out the best way to drive our business and achieve our objectives. We pool in our resources and strengths to get the most out of our diversity.


Moleac aims at becoming the employer of choice for both experienced and young talents. We invest in our people to create an inspiring work environment in which each of us can feel valued, trusted and respected. Each of our colleagues can continuously develop his/her fields of expertise, explore new challenges, and cultivate his /her creativity and initiative spirit to ensure successful and rewarding projects.


Our core values are guiding us every day to maintain our integrity, our passion for innovation and our commitment to improve patients’ lives.

Who we are

We are all diverse, with our own personality, culture, background, but we are together as one team providing new answers toward medical gaps and help those who suffer around the globe.


This is who we are, across our functions and locations, we are committed to helping patients and their families reconnect with their lives

Saiful Najaib

Associate Manager,
Web Developer

I have always been attracted to start-ups and small medium enterprises, because there is a greater circle of influence and you can either be a catalyst or agent of change. I wanted to work for a company that improves society and impact lives. Moleac is just that, an organization committed to helping patients and their families get back to their lives pre-stroke. The cause is worthwhile and I have not looked back since.

Sergio Padilla

Head of E-Commerce

Customer service have always been my passion, our department is the direct link between Moleac and our patients, this way the patient can share with us their personal experiences, creating a special bound with them. It is very comforting helping people to reconnect them with their lives and families. Also permit to capture feedback to improve customer service and ensure that quality and service exceed customer expectations.

Manola Vyaravanh

Finance Manager (Jun 2015 – Oct 2016)

The finance department is focused on making sure we have a strong business plan to reach more patients by investing in marketing activities. Additionally, we need to be able to secure some funds to invest in research and regulatory affairs so that our product is constantly improved and distributed in a growing number of countries. It is very rewarding to know that the end goal is to help more patients around the globe.

Elisa Garau

Associate Manager, International Business

Millions of people every year have a stroke and many of them can be permanently disabled. Few treatment options are available to address this disease leaving little hope to patients and families. In my Business Development role and, in line with Moleac’s values, I put the interest of the patient at the centre of what I do and I strive to increase the access of NeuroAiDII to more patients around the world and give them hope again.

Mariela Romero

Key Account Manager,
International Business Development

Stroke is a worldwide concern and most survivors are in need of solutions to recover their abilities and resume a normal life again. As a business developer, I strive to make NeuroAiD available in an increasing number of countries so that more patients in need can access it. It is thrilling to make this expansion possible and have a positive impact on the lives of stroke survivors around the world.